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WEST CITY CENTRAL SCHOOL, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

WEST CITY CENTRAL SCHOOl, Division of Cagayan de Oro City, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City, Phillippines


This page will provide a brief overview of our school and our general philosophy toward education.


After succesfully serving the public for more than 90 years West City City Central School sets its eyes again for another five productive years of operation. this time , it aims to better improve its performance for the benefit and appreciation of all its stakeholders and for it to actively respond tot he pressing needs of the times- the effective delivery of quality basic education.

With the 5 year school improvement plan, WCCS hopes to remarkably contribute in uplifting the country's educational performan by raising its achievement rate particulary in the core subject areas namely,English, Mathematics, Science, Filipino and Makabayan. It will try its best to significantly strengthen its human resources, physical facilities and commnunity linkages to ensure the attainment of its educational goals.

"He who fails to plan,plans to fail." A very famous cliche that bears a very powerful challenge for all stakeholders of West City Central School to really join hands in setting their effort in making reforms for better,more responsive educational programs and projects thereby allowing itself to be instrumental for a tremendous turn around of the shortcomings in the previous years.This time, WCCS commits itself to play a very active role towards an effective and effecient delivery of quality basic education in this part of the country.

This School Improvement Plan(SIP) will now therefore serve as our blueprint of our sincere intentions to accomplish our goals.

There are several topics that could be discussed on this page of our web site. We may provide the school and community profile and discuss how we have developed into one of the leading educational institutions. Another area of interest is our philosophy and mission for the education of children.

A. School Profile

West City Central School is the second largest central school located at the west side of Cagayan de Oro City. It has effectively served Barangay Carmen for years now. the following guiding principles have propelled its success over the years .


The West City Central has committed to serve the community of Carmen,in particular,and the society in general by providing the quality basic education that would by the foundation for a citizenry that is productive, morally and socially responsible,enlightened, and actively involved in the affairs and development of the community and the country.

The school is committed to develop the Filipino child as a whole person through instruction and wholesome learning activities. It is her task to inculcate in the students the love for pride in our country and culture heritage, and civic, moral, social, and economic consciousnes and responsibility. The school is also committed to develop and equip yyoung students with the basic knowledge and skills, values, attitudes, interests, and ideas that will enable him to become a responsive and worthy member of society.


The West City Central School is a learning institution where Teachers and School Asdministrators achieve the desired learning outcomes through efficient and competent instruction and loving guidance for their pupils.

The pupils are developed into total human persons who are functionally literate, aware, concerned, involved, productive, morally, socially responsible and therefore become worthy members of society.

The school administrators, teachers, parents, the barangay and PTA officials, the community in general and other institutions concerned work harmoniously together in providing tha school with the facilities, equipment, and technology to promote and enhance learning.

Our Staff

We have an experienced and dedicated group of teachers and administrators. Each teacher strives to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere to encourage students to participate.


Elementary School Principal IV


ESHT 1, Assistant to the Principal

Teacher of the Year


This month's featured teacher is 0 Marie TheresSe M. Bagas, Master Teacher II . O as she is fondly called has taught at our school for over twenty years. While she enjoys teaching all ages of students, she is currently the teacher of our sixth graders placed in the Fast Learners group. She is married with two children of her own.


Division of Cagayan de Oro City
West District I
Vamenta Boulevard, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City
90000 Philippines



Elementary School Pricnipal IV
President: Philippine Elementary School Principals Association,PESPA Cagayan de Oro City Chapter
President: PESPA, NOrthern Mindanao Region (Region X)